Love Inspired Outreach was created to reach remote areas of East Africa, including Kenya and someday Ethiopia.  We are currently focused on Busia county in remote western Kenya which is home to the villages of Sijoa, Sigulu and Burudu.  We also work in Mambai village in Vihiga county. Many of the areas we work are very remote compared to more developed areas of Kenya.

Western Kenya

  • Mean household size is 7 people

  • Population below poverty line—60%-70% equaling 200-250 persons per Square Kilometer

  • Most of the natural vegetation of western Kenya has disappeared because of intensive agricultural activities.

  • Only 5% to 7% of the farmers possess a cow of an improved breed

  • Due to the low soil fertility, most households produce corn (maize) enough to last for only about 3 to 5 months of the year.

  • Annual food shortages, especially of corn (maize) and beans, are a common occurrence, particularly from April to June.

  • Ethnic division, drought, poverty and AIDS account for many of Kenya's problems. With one of the highest rates of population growth in the world, exacerbated by recurring drought, Kenya no longer is able to feed itself and imports large quantities of food.