In our focus area:

  • 2.5 million children are orphans or have lost one parent.
  • 1.5 million children and adults are battling HIV and AIDS. Each day More than 70 people will die of HIV-related illness.
  • 4,100 children will die daily from severe diarrhea, due to poor sanitation and hygiene.
  • 980 women will die every day of pregnancy-related issues.
  • More than one in three children under age 5 suffer from stunting as a result of malnutrition.
  • Two in five people do not have access to clean water.
  • Women and young girls will walk an average of 3.5 miles to get fresh water for their families
  • Many new believers have no way to grow in their faith due to the prohibitive cost of purchasing a Bible.

Problems in East Africa are multi-fold. There are social problems, economic problems, health problems and problems with education as well. Although national and local governments are trying to sort out these problems that have caused suffering for so years, the need remains great. Hindered by meager incomes and ongoing food deficits, families are struggling to recover from prolonged drought that contributed to high malnutrition levels. 

A few things LIO is doing to help these issues:

Water – LIO’s goal is to provide clean safe drinking water for remote communities in need

Food – LIO’s goal is to help communities initiate vegetable gardens and provide for families in need.

Health Care – LIO’s goal is to provide training and basic items for good health plus help  individuals with extreme hardships

Spiritual Growth –We provide Bibles and resources to as many churches, study groups, individuals and families as possible. 

Education – LIO’s goal is to help remote local schools in need with clean water, hygene educaton, school supplies and books

Electricity – LIO’s hope is to connect electricity to well and school for easy pumping, basic lighting and use of computers